Support Call: 534
Subject Medals System 2
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Logged On Aug 03, 2015
Call Text Bugs I noticed today:

2) Inactive members/ALL the RS, by default, show up in the list of people to award medals to. There's a button that indicates you're supposed to click it to make them show up.
Action History
Aug 03, 2015 I have *no* idea what that code is for. It doesn't go anywhere or do anything anywhere. I think it might have been a placeholder for future code that never got around to being worked on. I have fixed this by removing the offending links. In the future if it's really an issue I'll try and get around to working on an active only list. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)
Aug 03, 2015 .... yes... I would appreciate it if the Medals page, by default, showed only the active membership. (ADM Cyrel Vandroth)
Aug 03, 2015 You sir are a pain in the tail. This is however, done. Those links at the bottom now actually do something. (ADM Joshua Hawkins)