Support Call: 542
Subject missing tanks players
Status Closed
Assigned To Unassigned
Logged By MGN Kimiao Quinal
Logged On Feb 26, 2016
Call Text Can you add the new cadets to the world of tanks multiplayer reporter. For some reason they only have phantom. There's 3j3/warton/astranme/vipersyn. Cheers
Action History
Feb 26, 2016 They'll be added when they finish whatever it is they have to do for new recruits. Basically, bug the FC and XO. They need tobe added to the academy roster to appear on the multiplayer reporter. If they don't do whatever it is they need to do they won't be added. Simple. This is not a internet/site related bug. This is a personnel issues. Thus, FC is the human to talk to. Closing. (FA Joshua Hawkins)