Support Call: 543
Subject Left hand nav-bar: Forums Link
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Joshua Hawkins
Logged By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Logged On Mar 12, 2016
Call Text When you are logged into the site and click on the 'forums' link on the left-hand nav bar, it takes you to and displays a message 'there are no forums on this board'.

This seems to be the fail condition when you are not logged in on the forums. For some reason, the forum is not recognizing when the user is logged in at (different authentication system?) but instead of saying 'hey, you're not logged in' and giving you the option to do so, it unhelpfully fails.

I was able to bypass this by clicking on a specific forum post on the news feed, which then asked me to log in on the forum side, and I could then see the post. When I went back to and clicked on 'forums', it now took me to and I could see everything just fine.

Steps to reproduce:
Not be logged into the site or the forums.
Log into
Hit 'forums' on the left-hand nav bar.
Be frustrated.

OS used: Windows 7
Browser used: Chrome v48
Action History
Mar 12, 2016 Yes it's two different authentication systems. No there's nothing to be done it's a failure of phpbb. Sorry you had this issue, unfortunately our hands are tied. :( (FA Joshua Hawkins)