Support Call: 55
Subject OEA site code update needed; New OEA website nav button needed
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By FA Rahj Tharen
Logged On May 15, 2003
Call Text For some reason, RA Adam Vender Fene (the new Recruiting Officer) is listed on correctly, but does not appear on as one of the staff members correctly (Colonel Xian Ysi Zephyr is still listed as the RO). Can this be fixed please?

Also, can a "Recruitment" nav bar button/link be added to the OEA website? I will also email Dev personally to ask this.


- Rahj
Action History
May 16, 2003 I have updated /oea. The execs definition code was recently changed when I remodeled execs.php, which no longer updates the -old- code for determing who is an Exec, which is what /oea is still using. All updated. This may occur on the other Exec websites too. The header.php file was the one updated in the /oea directory. (I know that paragraph was a little confusing, sorry :P).

Dev is working on the button and should have it done this weekend..

May 16, 2003 Call 55 Updated By COL Licah Fox