Support Call: 95
Subject 'Leave' column in Roster table missing/changed
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Logged On Aug 19, 2003
Call Text Tried to make a poll and apparently the Leave column (previously used to track on leave, and then extended to handle AWOL and Honorary Reserve status) has been renamed/removed.

This piece of SQL code should grab every email address for all RSers who are a) allowing poll emails, and b) are not inactive (honorary reserve) members.

getResult(SELECT EMail FROM Roser where PollMails=1 AND Leave!=2) - RS SQL ERROR: Unknown column 'Leave' in 'where clause'
Action History
Aug 19, 2003

Action updated by LCM Jagged "Thunderbird" Drayson.
Aug 19, 2003 Simply changed 'Leave' to 'Status', ID #2 = LOA for both. ---Jag

Action updated by LCM Jagged "Thunderbird" Drayson.
Aug 19, 2003 heh, didn't get the e-mail that Jag updated this, but I updated the functions file to grab the poll mails correctly. yeah, "Leave" is now "Status". should work now.


Action updated by BGN Licah Fox.