Support Call: 99
Subject File uploading problems (FTP/ITOD Files)
Status Closed
Assigned To FA Licah Fox
Logged By GEN Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle
Logged On Sep 08, 2003
Call Text The FTP server continues to give a "553: Disk quota exceeded" error when attempting to upload new files to the server.

I'm assuming this also might be the reason that new files uploaded to the ITOD Files section of the RDB aren't actually there (ex: When attempting to download RgF302, which was posted today, users get a 404 error).
Action History
Sep 09, 2003 Contacted Hostings, they claim that it's fixed.

Action updated by BGN Licah Fox.
Sep 09, 2003 (previous limit was 30,000 files, we exceeded it, new limit is 40,000)

Call closed

Action updated by BGN Licah Fox.