Date User File Description
09.03.2011 Kane "Kid" Dev Redron /news/post.php Line 7 Replaced include './footer.php' to include '/rs/footer.php' to remove the php error.
14.04.2010 Joshua Hawkins /io/editlog.php new change log program for the IO. use that instead of this one.
18.03.2010 Kane "Kid" Dev Redron rf/ri Updated the RID website extensively (New website) - Thanks to Josh
02.03.2010 Joshua Hawkins /rs/games.php updated it extensively.. it was a bit.. erm.. outdated. so.. fixed. also, holy crap I'm in the IO again!
25.02.2010 David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk On this page, xvtbasic.php, and xvtadvanced.php I've added a statement at the top of each page letting people know that this is the outdated program and added a link directing them to the new xvted acad program.
16.11.2009 David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk Database, gallery table Fixed Himm El-Syna picture entries.
11.08.2009 David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk Modified the score display page so that a download link is available regardless of there being reports added or not.
21.11.2008 Licah Fox /admin/changelog This is where I'm keeping my changes, fyi. I just like the editability of a text file. Sorry to be a breaker of "the system".
09.11.2008 David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk /medals/reason2.php Fixed a bad table call that tried referencing Squadrons to Roster profiles. I noticed the error when trying to look up a medal reason for Dagger Squadron at the Vigilance Dagger medal page. Clicking the "More Information" link took me back to the default medal view page. Now fixed to show the awarding reason.
01.10.2008 Joshua Hawkins /profiles/link.php Yeah, I can't code worth a damn. I think I fixed it now. I hope. Maybe. We'll see.
23.09.2008 David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk Gallery Page Facelift -Removed list format and replaced with table format. Original thought was individual tables but was too uneven across the board. One table made for entire list.

-Inserted dividers to keep each person singled out in list.

-Added in if statement to place "Untitled" for those images without a title.

-De-linked profiles from names.

-Image titles on view.php changed to be level 3 headers.

More work planned to be done.
14.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /menu.php Fixed the breaking of menu when I removed the old tables. It seems I forgot to update this page. Now I get to see what else broke. Fixed for new forum/tables.
14.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins Database removed all the old phpbb tables. DB:rs now down to 300 tables. We should start removing al lthe old tables not used anymore. Saving whatever info they carry for historical purposes. I'm convinced the site loads a little faster now, but it could very well be my imagination.
14.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /pma/ upgraded to the latest stable release (2.11). Patiently waiting for version 3 to be finalized.
09.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /profiles/view.php Added info for temp-bans and when they expire. Warning system not changed.
09.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /banned.php Added info for temp-bans and perma-bans. Gives email of IO, and if temp-banned when it'll expire.
09.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /public/functions.access Modified isBanned() to reflect temp bans. Now points to banned.php.
09.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins /coj Lots of stuff Added system to place people with temp/perma bans as well as warnings. (case_add.php). Also developed a system to edit cases for future use, like revisions, typos, HC updates, etc. (edit.php). Both have new graphics added into the header. They're shitty, but hey, the origional blank was lost, I created a new one and forgot what font was used. Sue me.
07.09.2008 Joshua Hawkins Database Dropped forum and wiki out of main RS Database. Both moved to their own database and updated accordingly. Will start removing more outdated/useless tables out of main RS DB as needed.
30.08.2008 Joshua Hawkins profiles/view.php Added new code for forum usernames. It gives a php error every so often, not sure how to fix it. Not a constant error.
30.08.2008 Joshua Hawkins /profiles/link.php Added and tested for new DB. Seems to work.
29.08.2008 Joshua Hawkins new wiki DB ok, I think I moved everything over and edited LocalSettings.php correctly. I don't think anything broke, and everything seems to edit fine. I'm sure someone will yell at me soon.
28.08.2008 Joshua Hawkins New Forum DB Added a new database, and migrated the forum to it. Now I get to see what broke and fix it accordingly. yay!
05.08.2008 Joshua Hawkins functions.access isHC() updated to include alderman. Should have ben done a while ago, never thought about it until now.
20.07.2008 Joshua Hawkins /nav.right.php && /lonews/date.php added current date to the right nave bar for each of the 4 missions. now people can adjust their narratives.

added fields in date.php so vaughan (or the LO) can adjust the dates as needed.
18.07.2008 Joshua Hawkins /profiles/view.php Added a spot for peoples forum avatars. Had to take out the .htaccess file in the avatars folder under the forums. Hopefully it won't be that much of a security risk. Only thing I worry is if people start hotlinking pics and sucking our bandwidth. Perhaps there's a way around it ?
01.07.2008 Joshua Hawkins /join && /welcome Added console games to the join form and updated the welcome pages to reflect the changes. I think that's it. I'm sure i forgot to edit something
28.06.2008 Joshua Hawkins /unifiredITOD just added a little blurb to it for teh n00bs.
17.06.2008 Joshua Hawkins /forums/new style The new style didn't take into account the anti-bot question. Which prevented people from registering. doh. All fixed. :)
16.06.2008 Joshua Hawkins /functions.access Right, added new function isBanned()

If it returns a 1 from the Roster table, it will direct you to the banned.html file. I'm going to add it to all the header pages of the various subdomains. Including the wiki

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