Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I am having problems logging in to the RS site. What might be wrong?

A: There are a number of items that can prevent you from logging in. First, make sure you have the correct password. If you've lost it, you can reset your password, which sends a new password to the email address you have listed in your profile. (If you think that address is no longer valid, and you don't remember your password, please email the IO as in the last step below.) If you don't remember your PIN, you can find it using the profile search or advanced profile search tools. If you know you are entering your PIN/username and password correctly and you are not receiving an error, but you're still not logged in, take the following steps, attempting to login after each one, and see if one of them corrects the problem.

  1. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled.
  2. Use a different browser - if possible, one that has never visited the site before.
  3. Use an alternate address ( if you were using .org, or if you were using .com).
  4. Clear your browser cache.
  5. Clear out old cookies in your browser, especially from, but all if necessary.
  6. If nothing works, contact the Internet Officer at for further assistance.

Q: How can I report a problem with the website?

A: The best way to report a problem is to use the IO support call system. You may place support calls regarding your problems, and also view current and past calls that have been made. You may also email the Internet Officer at if you prefer not to use the support call system.

Q: Can you update/add me to/remove me from a roster?

A: Most likely not; the Internet Office does not actively maintain rosters. Please contact the command staff (CO/XO/SO) of the unit for which you wish the roster to be modified. Follow the Chain of Command (Squadron CS -> Wing CS -> Division CS -> RSXO/RSFC) one step at a time if you don't receive a response.

Q: Can I have a email address (redirect or POP3)?

A: Yes, you sure can! Any member is welcome to create email redirects for their own use. A redirect takes mail sent to it and forwards it to another email address. For example, if is a redirect for, then any email sent to will arrive in's inbox.

You can set up your redirects using the RS email redirects database. There is no hard limit to the number of redirects permitted for each member, but the IO will likely ask questions if a member uses more than 5. Redirect changes take up to 10 minutes to process in the system.

POP3 accounts (which come with their own inbox), also in the format, are by special request only. Please email the Internet Officer at to arrange one. A small donation is asked to help offset storage and bandwidth costs - a one-time donation of $10 is usually sufficient. If the address is needed for a club function, then the account will be created free of charge, which avoids the need to create external accounts (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo) for competition submissions and other activities.

Q: Can I have the password to a certain site (squadron, wing, etc.)? How do I use it?

A: If the CO of a particular unit has assigned you to maintain that unit's website, and if the division CO approves, yes, you will be granted access to that particular website. We only distribute passwords to division COs; please use the Chain of Command to obtain the access information. How to use that information is described below.

Use a FTP client to log into the site. The domain is, the username is the unique portion of the subdomain (e.g. for, the username would be io), and the password is the information you will receive. The Internet Office distributes passwords only to division command staff; please see the division CO/XO/SO for all passwords pertaining to that unit. If your access makes it possible to modify websites other than your own, you are required to leave those untouched unless asked to modify them by the command staff. If you are not familiar with using FTP, please acquaint yourself using a tutorial and/or guidance from someone more experienced before attempting any changes to a RS site. All active files are located in the /httpdocs/ directory.

Each subdomain is permitted "read" access to certain database material, which is easily parsed using the Function Library. If write access is needed for certain database tables due to a special project, please contact the division CO, who will get in touch with the IO.

The above information also applies to executive offices; if you are assisting in an executive office, please see the person in charge of that office for access information.

Q: Can you make a website for my squadron/wing/project/me?

A: Generally, no, the Internet Office does not create websites for units or personnel on request. We would be delighted to create and update every RS-related website if we could, but unfortunately our time is constantly needed for major RS-wide projects and websites. You are welcome to create and update your own site; you can obtain access to the appropriate subdomain as outlined above. Each unit should handle its own website, a task usually assigned to its own Internet Officer. You may email members of the IO staff individually to see if we might be able to work with you, but we are usually occupied with a larger project and will be unable to take much time to assist you. In lieu of being able to provide personal support for everyone working on their own website, we provide resources on this site that lead to further learning (see the nav bar in the upper left).

If you believe your website will be useful for the RS-wide community, you are welcome to email your division CO and/or the FC, who will assess the project and assign tasks to the IO as necessary.

Q: I know HTML/other coding languages/how to fix the website. How do I join the IO staff?

A: To apply, please contact the Internet Officer at Whether you will be able to join us depends on a number of factors, including time spent in the club, your record of interactions with other club members, and your abilities with one or more tools used by the IO. We ask that you have significant skills and experience with at least one of our tools (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Flash, graphic design) before applying. We're happy to provide good learning resources for each of these tools if you're interested.