cs_pins -- Array containing commanding officer's id's.


array cs_pins ($pin, $priOnly = false, $coOnly = false)

This function returns an array containing the member id's of a member's commanding officers. The member in question is specified by $pin.

The array will contain the squad CS, wing CS, and fleet CS pins. If the member is on the executive staff, the FC and XO's pins are also returned.

The 2nd parameter is boolean and determins if only the primary fleet should be checked. It defaults to false, which checks all fleets. If set to true, only the member's primary fleet is checked. The executive staff is not checked if $priOnly is set to true.

The 3rd parameter, $coOnly, is boolean. It defaults to false, which returns CO's, XO's, and SO's. If set to true, only the CO's are returned. The XO's and SO's are ignored. If set to true, the RS XO is also ignored in the case that the person is an executive.

This function returns an empty array on failure.


cs_pins (1) /* Returns an array of all the CS Members of member with id 1. All fleets and the executive staff are checked. */

cs_pins (1, true, true) /* Returns only the CO's of the member with id 1 in the member's primary fleet. */

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