entry -- Fetch a row from a MySQL Resource.


array entry ($data, $return = MYSQL_NUM)

This function returns the next row in a SELECT resource, or false if there are no more rows.

$data is the resource, normally returned by the data function.

$return can be MYSQL_NUM, MYSQL_ASSOC, or MYSQL_BOTH depending on the type of array you would like returned. Default return is MYSQL_NUM.

This function returns false on failure.


entry ($data) /* Returns an integer-indexed array containing the next row in resource $data, which is the return value by calling the data() function with a query. False is returned if $data is invalid or there are no more rows. */

entry ($data, MYSQL_ASSOC) /* Returns an associative array instead of a integer-indexed array. Key names are the column names in the table, and are case-sensative. */

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