returnExec -- Name of an executive an an office


string returnExec ($id, $rank_type = 'full', $link = 'profile', $status = false, $pin_zero = 'TBA')

This function works much like returnMember but takes an executive office id rather than a pin as the first argument.

rank_type can be "none", "abbr", or "full" and places the appropriate text for rank in front of the name. "none" returns the name with no rank.

link can be "none", "profile", "history", "character", or "email". "none" returns the name with no link, "email" returns the name with a mailto: link, and the other three options link to different areas of a member's profile.

status is a boolean value. True will display the member's status if it is not active. False will hide the status regardless of what it is.

pin_zero is a string containing the text to be displayed if the pin for the particular executive position is zero or not a member.


returnExec (1) /* Returns the name of the current Fleet Commander, with full rank, a link to the profile, no status, and the text TBA if there is nobody in that position. */

returnExec (4, "none", "none", false, "") /* Returns only the name of the current Internet Officer. If there is no current Internet Officer, return an empty string. */

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