returnMember -- Name of a member.


string returnMember ($pin, $link = 'none', $rank_type = 'abbr', $status = false, $pin_zero = 'None', $target = '')

This function returns the name of a member and formats it as desired, adding rank, status, and a link.

$pin is the id of a member in the roster.

$link can be either "none", "profile", "history", "character", or "email". The default value is no link. "email" links to the compose page at /mail/. The other options link to different areas of the member's profile.

$rank_type can be either "none", "full", or "abbr". The default is to return the rank as an abbreviation.

$status is a boolean value and defaults to false. If it is set to true, and the member is non-active, their status will be displayed after their name.

$pin_zero is a string containing the text to be displayed in the place of the member's name if the member does not exist or zero is given as $pin.

$target is used inside the link, if it exists, and provides a method of specifying the target frame or window the link should point to.

This function always returns a string.


returnMember (1) /* Returns a string containing the name and abbreviated rank of the member with id 1 */

returnMember (1, "profile", "full", true", "TBA", "_new") /* Returns a string containing the full rank, name, and status of the member with id 1, as well as a link to their profile that opens in a new window.

returnMember () /* Returns the text "None" */

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