Bar and Grill

The responsibility of policing the Rebel Squadrons's main IRC channel, #RS_bar_and_grill, has been delegated to the B&G Manager. The B&G Manager has full authority over matters pertaining to the B&G. The B&G Manager may only be overruled by the Internet Officer, the Fleet Commander, or a majority vote of High Command. The primary duty of the B&G Manager is to enforce the IRC Rules of Conduct as set by the Internet Officer. The B&G Manager may do this by appointing channel operators and other subordinate officers as the Manager feels necessary. The B&G Manager however is ultimately responsible for the actions of his or her subordinates. The B&G Manager is responsible for making sure a B&G web site is accurate and functional. This web site should include the IRC codes of conduct, a list of official channel operators, as well as the names and e-mails of the officers in the IRC Primary chain of command and the B&G owner. The B&G Manager should make a monthly report to the Internet Officer regarding any policy changes, frequent offenders, user complaints, and any future plans if applicable.