It is this officer's duty to maintain control over the RS domain, or, lacking a domain, the myriad of individual RS Web Sites. This officer will execute the mission statement of the RS to the fullest extent of his or her abilities at all times and shall authorize access, procedures, and content (where applicable), to allow the RS to remain a Web Presence. Additionally, shall maintain a competent staff of "WebRunners" (who will periodically run the gamut of links to verify functionality and validity of content). Shall be appointed by the FC. -- RS Bylaws

While the bylaws description of the Internet Officer's duties is rather vague it lays out the basic and most important responsibilities of the IO. The Internet Officer's main responsibilities is to the RS domain and related sites. This includes controlling domain access and user accounts, watching domain limits (space and bandwidth), maintaining domain related services (e-mail redirects and mailing lists) and acting as a liaison between High Command, the domain owner, and the Internet Service Provider whenever necessary. As directed by the bylaws, the Internet Officer is to do his utmost to ensure the integrity and validity of RS web sites.

Additionally, over time the Internet Office has grown to take on several more responsibilities not outlined by the bylaws. In general the Internet Officer is involved with most areas of RS communication. This includes communications mediums such as domain hosted web sites, RS BBSes, official RS IRC channels, and any other official forum of RS communication. With the fast pace of technological change and increased number of possibilities in the areas of communications the Internet Office has set a standard of innovation and expansion. While maintaining current resources, the Internet Office seeks to pursue new projects and ideas that will enhance the RS's communication mediums, or computing technology.

More specific duties of the Internet Officer are laid out further on in this document.Its is recommended that every Internet Officer, honor and maintain the precedents and services implemented by their predecessors, even when such duties are not directly dictated by the bylaws.


Domain responsibilities fall into three categories: user management, domain maintenance, and ensuring accuracy of content.

User Management
The Internet Officer is responsible for maintaining a list of all domain user accounts and passwords. The Internet Officer may give out any of these user accounts as he or she feels necessary. The Internet Officer may at any time decide to change the password for any account without prior notification or authorization if the IO feels such a change is necessary. However, High Command must be notified of such changes immediately after they have occurred.

Domain Maintenance
In order to ensure the continued operation of the RS domain the Internet Officer must keep track of domain usage, and make sure usage complies with the requirements of the domain's Internet Service Provider. The Internet Officer must also act as a liaison with the Internet Service Provider anytime there is a problem with the domain. The Internet Officer must maintain and update the e-mail redirects that are provided with the domain account. Additionally, the IO must complete an annual domain report to High Command and the domain owner, indicating domain usage, costs, and projections.

Accuracy of Content
The Internet Officer must ensure the accuracy of all official Internet Office sites. This includes the RS Main Page, Error 404 page, the primary BBS, and the IO site. The IO must make sure that Internet Office subgroups also have valid web pages. While the Internet Officer is not directly responsible for the content of non IO pages, the Internet Officer should try to ensure the accuracy of the links on the domain. The Internet Officer reserves the right to remove any web pages from the domain which do not comply with the IO's standards of accuracy.


The Internet Officer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the e-mail redirects and of the High Command mailing list ( Redirects for Fleet COs and XOs, and well as Executive Officers should always exist and be up to date. The Internet Officer should make sure that misdirected mail sent through a domain redirect is received by the intended recipient. Additionally the IO is responsible for maintaining personal redirects which have been granted by the IO or prior IOs. No formal rules exist for the granting a personal redirect. Current precedent states that the IO and FC may receive a personal redirect.


The official RS IRC channel, #RS_bar_and_grill, is under the jurisdiction of the Internet Office. While an officer other than the Internet Officer may own the channel or manage the channel, the Internet Officer's order's supercede all others except for the Fleet Commander or a majority vote of High Command. It is strongly suggested that the Internet Officer maintain a separate officer to manage the #RS_bar_and_grill on a regular basis. This officer would serve under the Internet Officer in the Chain of Command. For official RS channels other than the RS Bar and Grill, the Internet Officer may take action to enforce the RS Bylaws.


The following is a list of normally recurring duties the IO must perform. Any of these duties may be delegated to subordinates, but the Internet Officer is ultimately responsible for its completion and timeliness.
  • Daily
  • BBS Sweep
    All main RS BBS's should be checked once a day for errors or inappropriate posts. BBS's setup for particular sections (ie Fleet, Wing or Squad) are not the responsibility of the Internet Officer.
    E-mail Check
    E-mail received through but intended for another recipient should be forwarded to the proper personnel to the best of the IO's ability.

  • Weekly
  • IO Update
    The Internet Officer should release a public update. This update does not need to be long. It should list any publicly completed projects, and any current technical problems.

  • Monthly
  • Department Performance Review
    Any departments under the Internet Office which have IO powers and/or responsibilities delgated to them should present a report to the IO. This report should detail the current status of the department, past problems, and any future expansion plans. This performance review is intended to aid the Internet Officer in making sure all IO duties are completed. While any IO duty may be delegated to a subordinate, the final responsibility for completion of such duties lays with the Internet Officer.

  • Bi-Monthly
  • Password Reset
    All domain ftp passwords should be changed by the Internet Officer. Those officers who are authorized to distribute passwords (ie Fleet COs) should be e-mailed with their new password immediately. Additionally the Domain owner and the Fleet Commander should be sent a complete list of the new passwords for emergency situations. High Command should be informed a week prior to this bimonthly password reset.
    Main Page Sweep
    All links from the main page should be verified. Additionally, pages linked from the main page should be checked or accuracy. Linked pages which have not been updated, are inaccurate, or fail in areas of basic functionality should be de-linked from the main page. The owner of the non-compliant page should be notified of such infractions. The page may only be re-linked once it has met the Internet Officer's approval. This applies to all pages linked form the main page, including Fleet pages.

  • Yearly
  • Domain Update
    With the help of the domain owner, the IO should release a report on the year end status of the domain. This includes current space and bandwidth usage, estimated domain hits, reports of significant changes, and the financial data related to paying for the domain or other Internet related expenses. This report should be made publicly available.