Projects History

Changes, modifications, additions

Prior to July 25, 2005
  • Improved Email Functionality and Stability
  • Gallery Updated
  • New ITOD system is finished.
  • Site is updated via CVS now.
  • Migration to our own server
  • ICTE reporting page done (aside from content).
  • New AWOL system implemented
  • Promotion history system is completed. Awaiting data from members.
  • New Case System for the Department of Internal Affairs
  • Many more public functions written. /io/php/functionlist.php for the prototypes
  • The main menu is now in the roster pages again.
  • Profile viewing made easy!
  • ITOD Database Redone
  • SWA Multiplayer System Written (Celestial Fury)
  • News system redone, editing now possible
  • Medals system re-written from scratch
  • SWG profile information for Vanguard Members redone
  • Job Application system written
  • A ton of pages were moved to better locations
  • New forums, powered by phpbb, are up!
  • New Mail System written. We have outboxes!
For a more complete list of changes, visit the Change Log.